We offer a wide variety of hair extension methods to our clients mostly to add thickness, length and colour to boost your confidence. Our aim for our extension clientele is to regain confidence in yourself and your hair, Extensions are most used in our salon due to hair thinning because of age or medical problems. We do also love to create long glam hair looks using our methods of extensions but we would not advise them if your hair is already super incredible we are very honest, extension's are a life time commitment and should only be fitted if you are committed to the time to maintain the aftercare and the cost.

We offer the following methods

Tape hair
This is the method 90% of our extension clientele’s have fitted it’s so popular, they are flexible easy to fit easy to maintain and very discrete, they can be used as fillers for thickness added for colour and length or used to transform a full look.

This method will create a bulk amount of thickness throughout the hair, it’s attached using micro rings that are placed in your own hair and then the weft is sewn through the rings to attach it. This method creates a large volume of thickness and length and is great to use on naturally thicker or stronger hair or someone wanting a huge extension transformation.

Micro rings
Micro rings are applied using tiny beads placed throughout the hair adding individual strands called stick tips into the beads, this method is good for adding colour in strands to create contour or definition and also for thickness and length. I’d recommend this method for all hair types as it’s very natural looking and the beads can be hidden under your hair.